What’s In Namaste! Reports

This is not so much a “how-to” lesson because running the reports is as simple as clicking the “Advanced Reports” link in your Namaste! LMS menu. This lesson will introduce you to what is available in the reports.


User Reports

For each student in the system you can see a chart showing their page views per course and lesson. A history of all their actions will show you when they started and completed a course or lesson, submitted a solution to assignment and so on.

A detailed breakdown table displays pageviews, solutions to assignments, grade, and more metrics for each lesson in the course.

The User Reports page for every user is also accessible from your WordPress Users page.

Each user reports page can be exposed on the front-end using a shortcode.

User Rankings

These are leaderboards showing how your students rank by number of courses completed, number of lessons completed, pageviews, average grade or points earned.

All these reports are also publishable by shortcodes.

Course / Lesson Reports

These reports are course / lesson – centric. Show total page views, page views per student, average performance in the course, number of students started and completed, and more.

The whole Advanced Reports page can also be enabled in the user’s dashboard  or by shortcodes as well.

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