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This feature is available from Namate! PRO 1.3.3.


School accounts let you sell access to courses and classes to school, groups, private teachers, marketers etc. You can set both individual and school prices to courses or classes.
School accounts are not different than student accounts except that they get a simple dashboard and a school signup code. When a student registers with the code, they become a student of the school and get free access to courses and classes/groups that the school has access to.
This is explained in more details in the “Student’s Registration and Access” section at the end of this article.

Note that the user role of school account owners must be enabled as role that has access to learning material (in Namaste! LMS Settings page).


To enable the feature go to Namaste! LMS -> School Accounts page and enable it:

Let’s elaborate:

  • The option “Automatically assign students to the classes that the school account is assigned to” will automatically sign up any student registered under the school in the classes/groups the school has purchased as school account. If you don’t select the option the students will still be able to sign up the classes manually. If some of the classes requires a signup fee, the fee will be void for the school student and they’ll be able to sign up for free.
  • The second option defines whether your default WordPress registration page will allow signup under a school or not. If not, only a registration page visited with the special URL will allow such sign up. The URL is also available in the School’s dashboard so your clients can give it to their students.

Under the global settings you’ll see your courses and classes / groups. For each course or class you can define a price for school sign-up. Use the corresponding shortcode to publish a sign-up button anywhere on your site. Signing up as school is possible only through this button. If you want to charge for school signups make sure you have entered some payment settings in your Namaste! LMS settings page. Currently school account signup is integrated with Paypal and Stripe payments and you can’t use any of the additional payment bridges for other gateways.

For each course or class you can see and manage the accounts signed up as school – add an account manually, or remove an account.

At the top of the course you will see the welcome shortcode. You can use it anywhere on a page, before namaste-mycourses shortcode for example, or in your theme header to display a greeting for school students. It can help them know the school name they signed up under. The school name is defined by the school account owner in their school dashboard.

The School’s Dashboard

Once someone registers as school under any course or class/group, they get the School’s Dashboard. It’s called My School Page and a link to it becomes available under My Courses menu in their dashboard.

The dashboard lets them:

  • Set a school name. The school name can be displayed by the shortcode you as admin can use (as explained in the previous section).
  • Get the school signup code and signup link. They can send this link to students they want signed up under them.
  • See classes and courses they signed up for.
  • See students signed up in their school.

Student’s Registration and Access

A student that signs up under a school is a regular Namaste! LMS student. However he gets access to the courses and classes/groups that the school account has signed up for. Let’s elaborate:

  • When a school account has bought a paid course, all students of the school can enroll that course for free. Students will never be automatically enrolled in a course however – they need to click the Enroll button.
  • When a school account is signed up for a class/group access, the students of the school will:
    a) be automatically signed up for these classes upon registration IF this option is selected on the Manage School Accounts page by the site admin
    b) be able to sign up for free for all these classes even if there is a fee otherwise.

The school accounts feature is in beta stage. There is a lot more to come in terms of reporting and flexibility. We welcome your feedback.

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  1. Do the schools have to buy the courses created by the site owner or can they create and publish their own courses after signing up?? Will be nice if the schools are allowed to create their own courses. Thank you.

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