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The classes in Namaste! PRO allow you to segment your users in different groups just like in a real university. Then you can give access to different courses in each class, so for example your Math students don’t access your Music courses, or your free students don’t access the PRO courses.

By default each course is accessible to all students but if you assign a course to a class, it becomes accessible to only the users in that class and other classes that include the course.

Note that “accessible” means the user can enroll in the course. Course main pages in Namaste! LMS are always visible and you won’t make them invisible by putting them in a class. The purpose of course pages is to advertise your course – lessons are the real content and they require enrollment to be accessed.


How do you assign users to classes?

  • User can be automatically assigned to the class during registration
  • At the time of creating the class you can automatically assign all your users to it.
  • You can let users sign up manually. To do this you need to allow the checkbox and publish the class signup shortcode somewhere on your site.
  • You may choose to charge for signing for a class.

What about the class managers or teachers?

Namaste! LMS lets you specify user roles that can administrate the content and manage their own courses (learn more). With the PRO addon you can also limit their access to the courses and students that belong to a given class. Here is how this works:

By default the users with a role enabled to manage the LMS will have access to all the material (accordingly to the fine-tuned settings for the role of course). But by assigning the user as class manager you restrict their access to the courses, lessons and assignments that belong to this class.

So if you want to have different teachers for all of your classes you need to assign all users of the selected role to a class.

13 thoughts on “Classes / Groups

  1. Hi,

    I jave purchased the pro version. Why can i still able to access courses on other class even i am not on the class?

    I assess it via the navigation bar below (bottom right) the course i am enrolled in.

    Please help.

    1. Course pages should always be accesssible and visible. This is their purpose. Classes / groups allow you to restrict enrollment in courses, not whether the pages can be seen.

  2. Then what is the purpose of creating payable class when they can see the content anyway?

    Can i remove the navigation bar? Do tell me which file it is in so that i can edit it out. Thanks.

    1. The purpose is that you limit ENROLLMENT in course. The enrollment is what controls access to lessons. Lessons are the content, courses just advertise the content of the lessons.

    2. “Content” is always visible for everyone, because this is no course, but only course description. When you set price for course, any lesson will be visible only who people who paid. Use “Course” for description only, and all other material as lessons, tests etc.

      Moreover, you can limit access to enrolled users only with short code [namaste-condition]. Look for some more documentation.

  3. Lessons are not visible if you are not enrolled in the course. If you experience problems with this you have to contact support by email and provide details.

  4. I seem to have a problem with changing the label on the button for signing up for a class.

    I want to have a page with several buttons, so a new student can choose which class to enroll into.
    I have tried to change the shortcode attribute “text” [namastepro-class-signup class_id="5" text="Nicholai"], but that does not seem to work?

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