Creating Assignments

Each assignment belongs to a course and lesson, so from the Assignments menu you need to first select course and lesson. Then you can create assignment for it.

This is pretty simple – just write the requirements you have and the students will be able to submit their solutions. There is an option to allow file upload as a solution to assignment.



Note that by default assignments are optional. If you want a homework to be approvedĀ  before the associated lesson can be completed, you need to select the assignment in the Edit Lesson page.

Every user with privileges to administrate the LMS can review and approve or reject assignments on the lessons.

12 thoughts on “Creating Assignments

  1. In order for students to take assignments, they seem to end up in the back office admin area of WordPress and seem to be privy to certain elements there like some Plugins I have. Can this be avoided? So far I have been simply putting assignments in the lesson pages and using a plugin that allows students to attach files to their comments in that page. I don’t like that I have to do this but it is a way around the issue. Originally, if I give my students the STUDENT role, when they click on the assignment link nothing happens and it takes them to their profile page instead, and if I give them a higher role like Instructor or Contributor, then they get to go in the Admin back office of my WordPress to access the assignment. I don’t like that. Is there another solution?

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