Share the Workload: Use Teachers and Supervisors

Namaste! LMS lets you involve other people in the LMS management process. From the Namaste! Settings page you can enable other user roles to mange the LMS.


Just select the desired roles under “Roles that can manage the LMS” section.
Then you can can go to the “Fine tune these settings” page and additionally specify what these user roles do. For example you can let some roles manage assignments, but not courses and lessons. Other role can be able to create lessons but edit / delete only the lessons created by them, and so on.


Once done, all you need to do is to create user accounts for your staff and send them their account details.


Teachers Managing Specific Groups (Classes)

If you have Namaste! PRO you can enhance this functionality further by creating classes / groups. This way any capabilities you grant to your teachers will let them manage only the content that their group has access to. This means only the allowed courses, view performance, homeworks, etc. only of students in their groups etc.

Learn more about this here.

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