Student Reviews on Courses

From version 2.5.5 Namaste! LMS supports student reviews on completed courses. The option is enabled per course basis so you can keep it off for some courses:

checkboxes to accept reviews

If you select the checkbox to hold reviews for moderation, the reviews will not be displayed before you approve them.

Just enabling the checkboxes will not allow students to place reviews. You need to also use the shortcode where X is the course ID. The review box will be shown in the place where you have pasted the shortcode:

form for submitting review

The form will appear only after the student has completed the course. For this reason it’s better not to place any text like “Please review this course” before the shortcode. Instead, enclose it in the shortcode so it appears along with the form only when appropriate.

After the student has submitted a review, they are not able to change it or submit another.

By using the   you can display the latest 10 reviews on the course page (or any other page).

This is how the published reviews look:

On the admin side

The pending and published reviews will appear in the Student Reviews page in your Namaste! LMS menu. You can filter them by course and status.

You can delete reviews any time and approve these who are pending approval:

Manage reviews page

If you are using classes / groups from Namaste! PRO the class managers will have access only to the reviews for courses, accessible by them. This in case you have chosen to enable access to reviews at all for their role (From the Namaste! LMS Settings page -> Roles that can manage -> Fine-tune these settings).

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